Natalia Carolina Sánchez Rocafort

Cyber Security Analyst

Sector: IT Services and IT Consulting

Member Since, July 10, 2023

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About Me

Graduating Computer Science student with three summers of relevant work experience in systems architecture, product management, and web development who is passionate about building scalable, clean, efficient, and useful software.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Science and Engineering, Computer Science (2017 - 2021) University of Michigan

    Grade: Cum Laude Activities and societies: Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers, Michigan Community Scholars Program, Michigan International Student Society, Entrepreneurship Leadership Program, BlueLAB.

  • B.S.E., Computer Science (2019 - 2019) UNSW

    Studied abroad in Sydney during the fall semester of 2019.

  • B.S.E. Computer Science, Sustainable Engineering, French Language and European History (2018 - 2018) Université de Technologie de Troyes

    Took two classes and one mini-course abroad during the summer of 2018. Learned about sustainability and European history, and was able to further practice speaking and writing in French.

Work & Experience

  • Darktrace (2022 - Present ) Cyber Security Analyst

    What I do here is pretty simple: I help free the world of cyber disruption.

  • C.H. Robinson (2021 - 2021 ) Intern Engineering Product Manager

    For my last internship before graduation, I decided to switch gears and try product/program management. Since it is one of my dreams to lead my own team, and grow into a managerial position, I thought it would be a great opportunity to gain insight about what it means to lead a technical team. At CH Robinson, I managed an internal team by leading meetings (such as daily stand ups, requirement gathering sessions, check-ins with stakeholders, etc.) in order to ensure that the product timeline was executed properly and efficiently. I also engaged in constant communication with the stakeholders of the project to ensure that we provided data solutions they desired. Furthermore, I conducted research on company processes related to data management, data migration to Snowflake, and data storage in order to understand the product, and also performed data validation on the data-driven solutions produced by engineers by writing SQL queries and cross-referencing results. As I mentioned before - it was another summer, and another great opportunity. I learned a lot about program management, and I was able to appreciate and learn more about the business side of things.

  • AdAdapted (2020 - 2020 ) Backend Engineering Intern

    Another summer, another software engineering experience. In the midst of a global pandemic, I got the wonderful opportunity to work remotely for AdAdapted as a Backend Engineering Intern. Here, I learned so much more than I thought I could. I learned how to code with Python, how to run a project with Docker, how to connect a platform to MySQL, and how to improve my debugging and code review skills. My first project involved editing an existing company API - another subject I got to learn more about. I had to write and continuously debug my feature until it was ready to be pushed to production. Afterward, I had to create a platform that would help an internal team in the company. My task, in a nutshell, was to facilitate the transfer and storage of information. My project was a success; after I completed my task, I presented my work and the platform was pushed to production. All in all, I had a great experience; I learned a lot about different engineering tools that I wasn't familiar with, and I also learned a lot about myself and what my personal goals and aspirations are.

  • Entrepreneurs Leadership Program (2018 - 2019 ) Member of 2019 Cohort

    I\'ve always considered myself to have an \'entrepreneurial mindset\', but never really put much thought into the actual idea of working at a startup until I came across ELP. During the Fall of 2018, I was selected for a competitive entrepreneurship program at the University of Michigan created to inspire, teach, and grow the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. There, I learned about business model canvases, venture capitals, industries, funding levels, marketing and business strategies, and sales, among other things, and was able to meet and connect with many renowned and influential entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Michigan and Washington, DC.

  • Shoptelligence (2019 - 2019 ) Software Engineering Intern

    This marks the official start of my software engineering journey. Here, I developed components for a web-based application that provides clients with data-driven reports. I designed and implemented components of the User Interface that death with navigation, and abstracted high-level code to redesign the implementation of separate components to facilitate scalability and ease of customization.

  • University of Michigan (2018 - 2019 ) Production Assistant

    Recorded doctoral-level engineering lectures for on and off campus students. Consistently received positive reviews for clear and coherent recordings.

  • The Michigan Daily (2017 - 2019 ) Columnist

    Wrote columns and poems for The Michigan Daily\'s section \'Michigan in Color\'.

  • Puerto Rico General Distributing Co. (2017 - 2017 ) Sales Intern

    Assisted in the sales of Ritter Implants to dentists across Puerto Rico.