Lionel Hove

Penetration Tester | Cybersecurity Engineer | SOC Analyst

Sector: IT Services and IT Consulting

Member Since, July 31, 2023

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About Me

I have based my career choice on my love and passion for all things to do with computing. With more than 8 years of developing my knowledge and skill of using computers, I have reached an expert level of understanding of computer software and hardware.

It is amazing how quickly technological advances have taken place in computers in a relatively short period of time. Computer software and systems are evolving constantly. This has a direct effect on businesses that use computer systems, as it opens doors to cyber terrorism or threats, hacking in particular.

The goal of my organization is to provide protection to businesses in order to prevent cyber threats in the future. We will conduct various tasks that will prove to make networks of all sorts extremely hard for hackers to penetrate.

I have completed the following cybersecurity certs:
– Comptia A Plus 9021
– Cyber Threat Intelligence
– Penetration testing & Ethical hacking
– Nmap Reconnaissance


  • Bachelor (2013 - 2016) Varsity College

  • Business/Corporate Communications (2010 - 2012) Monash University

Work & Experience

  • Freelance (2019 - Present ) Cyber Security Analyst