KHOA Chau Dang

Sales Engineer

Sector: Wholesale Building Materials

Member Since, May 10, 2024

Open To Work

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About Me

My goal is always to ensure safety, quality, commitment, schedule of the works and in future can become a dynamic, efficient Sale Director in construction material branch.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Civil Engineer in Bridge and Road (2001 - 2006) University of Transport and Communication (Campus 2)

    Grade: Fair Activities and societies: Communist Youth UnionActivities and societies: Communist Youth Union Engineering Bridge & Road mini seminar

  • Engineer's Degree, Bridge & Road Engineering (2001 - 2006) University of Transportation & Communication - Campus 2

    Grade: Middle

  • Certificated Training, Civil Engineering (2011 - 2011) Open University, HCMC

    Activities and societies: course student Additional Certificate at Engineering Course

Work & Experience

  • Oriental Sheet Piling/ArcelorMittal (2021 - Present ) Assistant Sales Manager

    Find & optimize customer’s relationship to get order bank, also report to Board of Director and forecast trend of market and in-out stock of steel products. ◦ Find new business lines to get more income for company and try to analysis the competitors’s strategy. ◦ Lead team of construction at site as role of Subcontractor’s Site Manager, prepare documents, contracts and collaborate with other parties to make projects complete in win-win. ◦ B2B & B2C Sales & Marketing in Construction materials. ◦ Sell premium added value products and to convince the customer can believe and apply our solutions. ◦ Propose optimal steel products (Steel pipe pile, Steel sheet pile, Anchor, tie-rod, etc.) and optimal solutions to Consultants/Contractors/Installers in the Vietnam region.

  • Oriental Sheet Piling/ArcelorMittal (2018 - 2021 ) Sales Engineer

    • Focus to sale Steel Sheet Pile, kind of 600mm large wide section & high steel grade (420 MPa and up to 630 MPa). • Find out new customer both in leasing & sales of Steel Sheet Piles and Steel Pipe Piles. • Support Customer in delivery, QC document, contract, interim payment, arrange and management vehicles to delivery material to site. • B2B Sales & Marketing in Civil Engineering material. • Customer\'s Satisfying & negotiation.Contact & meeting with customers for receiving enquiry or finding a change to supplying Larsen piles, shoring systems or Steel pipe piles or other foundation material. • Edit contract agreement, negotiation, cooperate (delivery material, solve issues when installation, get back material, etc.) with customers from early stage of construction to finishing time. • Consulting, comparing other foundation solutions with OSP\'s options to ensure safety, save & benefit.

  • Nippon Steel & Sumikin Pipe Vietnam (2017 - 2018 ) QC Engineer

  • Nippon Steel & Sumikin Pipe Vietnam Co., Ltd (2011 - 2018 ) Engineer (Engineering Service)

    • Technical guideline and support customer in technology application of Steel Pipe Pile, ECO-Pile and Steel Pipe Sheet Pile with concrete knowledge about Junctions types (P-P, P-T, L-T), Accessories (Support bands, Backing Rings, Shear bands, Stoppers, Welded lifting lugs, etc.), Shoring system, Stud rebars, and Driving machine, etc. • Research and study designing of Steel Pipe Pile and Steel Pipe Sheet Pile for application in actual condition. • Cooperate with Consultants and Owner for improve steel products, especially in Steel Pipe Pile, ECO-Pile and Steel Pipe Sheet Pile. • Make drawings, take off BOQ for Quality Control Dept. and correction. • Study specification of each project and suggest available suitable standards & process which can be done at factory and satisfy customers. • Coordinate with other partners (Consultants, Owners, and Contractors) for support Sale & Marketing Dept. in civil technical works. • Contact, maintain relationship with Customer and partners.

  • Penta-Ocean Construction Company Limited (2010 - 2011 ) Quantity Surveyors Engineer

    • Checking construction drawings and confirm the volume of dredging works which carried out by Subcontractors. • Making and submit Monthly Statement (M.S), Interim Payment Certificate (IPC) for claiming monthly progress payment of Contract project. • Cooperate with other parties (Owner, the Engineer and Subcontractors) and make IPC for Subcontractors. • Responsibility in amending Supporting document of M.S and all processing of payment.

  • Chosuk Construction & Development Co., Ltd (2009 - 2010 ) Civil Engineer

    • Calculate quantities for Road and Improvement Soft Soil (Coarse Sand, Geotextile, Embankment, Surcharge, Sand Drain method, PVD, Sand Compaction Pile, Pack Drain,…) • Defining quality of materials (Sand, Granular, Stone, Cement, Concrete, etc.), and make construction method statement. • Make BOQ of Construction for Foundation of Bridge and Road (Bored pile, PC pile Driving, Marine Pile Driving, Cement Deep Mixing… • Cooperate with other parties (Consultants, Owners, Subcontractors, Suppliers) to receive information in order to get jobs from projects.

  • How Yu Construction (VN) Ltd., Company (2009 - 2009 ) Site Engineer

    • Execute and supervise the works at site and check the working drawings. • Support constructing technique (construct method, rebar, formwork, concrete,…) of Foundation, Pier column, Crosshead, Deck, Horizontal beam and PC piles, Bored piles. • Monitoring PC pile 400x400mm Driving at Abutment A1 and PC Pile 300x300mm Pressing of Phu My Bridge Extension Road (quantity, construction method, trial pile ). • Check-up the Concrete quality (slump, C/W ratio, compressive strength, Granular materials, mixture procedure, ect.) from suppliers through all construction schedule. • Work with Subcontractors and a group of workers.

  • The Hung Construction Company Limited (2006 - 2008 ) QA-QC Engineer

    • Execute or supervise the works at site and check the shop drawings. • Material monitoring and material Testing (Sand compaction, Concrete Mixture, Concrete Compressive Strength, Rebar Tensile, Granular material, R.C pipe …). • Set up Executing Drawing in detail and set up progress of the project.