Dr. Dhienda Laddy Nasrul, BMedSc

Medical Doctor

Phone: 62081908853418

Sector: Hospital & Health Care

Member Since, September 18, 2023

Open To Work

  • I am open to relocating to
    Australia, UK, Middle Eastern Countries, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Norway
  • I am open to working remotely Yes
  • I am open to being contacted by employers and recruiters Yes

About Me

A medical doctor by training who also works as professional astrologer with more than 1000 returning satisfied patients, newscaster for Garuda TV, Political Data Researcher, Defense/Political Document translator/Interpreter, and Wedding Dress Seamstress. Strong suit is Aquarius, the critical logical thinker; with triple Leo and triple Gemini (logic & creativity based).



  • Bachelor of Medical Science, Advanced Medical Science (2011 - 2013) University of Melbourne

    Activities and societies: Unimelb Islamic Society (UMIS)

  • Medical doc, General (2008 - 2015) University of Indonesia

    Activities and societies: Student Executive Board (BEM IKM FKUI), Islamic Study Forum (FSI), Student Photography Body (BFM), Saman Traditional Dance

Work & Experience

  • RS Andalucia (2023 - Present ) Physician

    Attending emergency physician with ACLS ATLS elligibility to treat emergency cases

  • University of Indonesia (2023 - 2023 ) Administrative Assistant

    Responsible on the continuity of medical learning process of clinical years of university students of Universitas Ageng Tirtayasa\’s medical faculty under medical faculty of Universitas Indonesia\’s guardianship (pengampuan)

  • Garuda TV (2020 - 2020 ) Newscaster

  • Puskesmas Buleleng II (Community Health Center) (2015 - 2016 ) Physician

    Internship 1. Acting as clinical primary care physician dealing with Level IIIA- IV standardized competencies of General Practitioner in Indonesia, 2. Mini Research Project on effect of Fat and Protein feeding on Stunting cases, 3.>50 Health Promotion Presentation across mental psychiatric health, obstetrics and gynecology, Hematology, Healthy Life Style, Internal & Gastroenterology, and Nutrition, 4.All birth control&family planning, infusion, Urinary tract catheterization, hecting and mini surgical skills, 5. Focused tuberculosis eradication program 6. Infective diseases eradication program (P2PM) 7. Programmed Paediatric Immunization (BIAS&BIAN)

  • RSUD Tangguwisia (2015 - 2016 ) Physician

    Internship Acting as emergency physician with 40 working hours / week divided into 12-hour night and 6-hour day shift. Patients ranging from internal gastroenterology (cholestatic and hematology cases), cardiology, pulmonology,traumatology and surgery, obstetrics, and paediatrics cases.