Charmaine Bonifacio

Environmental Data Management Lead

Sector: IT Services and IT Consulting

Member Since, October 2, 2023

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About Me

Hello! I’m Charmaine Bonifacio. I code, run models, and make maps. I am a life-long learner and self-taught when it comes to programming languages, which include R, Python, C#, FORTRAN, SQL, Shell scripting, VB.Net and VBA to name a few. While finishing my undergraduate degree in university, I created and published the Canadian Climate Scraping Tool (CCDST) to help researchers download data.

I’m a Canadian citizen of Filipino heritage. I have a Masters in Geography focusing on hydrological models and Bachelor of Science in Geography/GIS with a 2 year COOP in IT as Helpdesk Personnel. For more info, visit my website:

I’ve recently been exploring MOOCS to supplement my learning and development, focusing on database development, mastering R and Python, data analytics and visualisation, working towards Data Science. I’m also working on upgrading my GIS knowledge by learning from ESRI Training free MOOCs, learning more about ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Online.

For volunteer work, I’ve mapped where the recipient schools in the Philippines for ReadWorld Foundation, managed data and used data analytics visualisation for District 42 Toastmasters and Coulee Commentators, designing and creating websites for and Dr. Glenda Bonifacio.

1) Modelling and Data Analyst for Government of Alberta (GOA), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. I currently work with irrigation, flow measurement, climate, crop, spatial, land use, and other data used in irrigation demand modelling using Irrigation Demand Model (IDM3), ArcGIS, SQL Server Management, DDIT and Water Information Systems by Kisters (WISKI). I maintain and integrate database with automated tools, scripts and applications that allows faster, more efficient data manipulation, analysis and interpretation. I lead the project to re-brand the 2018 Alberta Irrigation Information using R to utilise beautiful graphics. I also utilized R in reporting the analysis and data visualisation of 27 reservoirs within the South Saskatchewan River Basin in Alberta.

2) Modeller and GIS Analyst for MacDonald Hydrology Consulting Ltd using Raven and OSTRICH for hydrological modelling and utilising R data analysis and visualization.


  • Master of Science (MSc), Geography (2013 - 2016) The University of Lethbridge

  • Bachelor of Science, Geography and Geographical Information Science (GIS) (2005 - 2013) The University of Lethbridge

    -2-year COOP with Calgary Airport Authority -Participated with ABBY-Net Summer Schools (2012-2013) in Kananaskis,AB and Kloster Banz, Bad Staffelstein, Bayern, Germany

  • High School Summer Program, Information Technology (2002 - 2002) TAFE NSW

Work & Experience

  • Teck Resources Limited (2023 - Present ) Environmental Data Management Lead

    I will be responsible for the management of Teck Coals Environmental Management System and associated data management processes. My role is to ensure Teck Coal can meet regulatory and corporate commitments and maintain the social license to operate. I will continue to manage, support, standardize data capture, reporting, analysis, data collection and data quality of the EQuIS database system. I will continue to support the existing implementation and future enhancements of the EQuIS database. Responsibilities: • Be a courageous safety leader, adhere to and sponsor safety and environmental rules and procedures • Coordinate the development of standards and best management practices for data management • Assist with the development and implementation of a training program for data management team members while ensuring that adequate software and hardware are available • Implement and support an Environmental Data Quality Improvement Plan and the establishment of and policing of data management standards, workflows, and procedures to ensure the sustainability and integrity of the data management solutions • Manage a team of 3-5 highly technical staff to help prioritize workload, identify risks, conduct annual reviews, and conduct annual objective planning • Interact with software vendors to help build out new software solutions • Manage a user base of over 400 to help train, provide solutions, and operational support • Certify data security, entitlements, confidentiality and ensure access according to control definitions • Assist with identifying future requirements for software and hardware • Provide technical guidance for the implementation of EQuIS and future enhancements and upgrades • Import, clean, and validate environmental data

  • Teck Resources Limited (2020 - 2023 ) Data Management Analyst

    As the Data Management Analyst, I help manage environmental monitoring data for TECK Coal by standardizing field data collection by implementing and developing EQuIS Collect program across operations and projects. I expanded feature updates on the Surfacewater template since 2021; implemented and developed the Groundwater template since 2022. Recently, implemented the new Aquatic Science water template. In addition, we manage the increasing user/group administration, troubleshooting of Collect forms across the Elk Valley operations and projects. With this in mind, I developed training materials and overview page for Collect users; additional training of Sample Planning Module users for Program/Data Managers in order to pre-populate EQuIS Collect forms with all the sampling and field parameters. I also developed a tracker system using Microsoft Forms and PowerAutomate flow in order to keep track of ongoing and increasing requests and issues related to the Collect program, which has been important in discovering issues, trends and resolving bug fixes with Earthsoft. Moreover, I assisted in importing, cleaning and validating environmental data, as well as continuous data from various loggers, using a combination of VBA, Python and R for data wrangling, analysis and visualisation. Working with teams, program managers and individuals to ensure governance with loading data into EQuIS. I also worked in multiple internal/external projects working with consultants to deal with massive data exports, resulting in millions of records across the valley using ETL workbooks, updating SQL queries to fit the project. Currently: - assisting and providing technical guidance for the implementation of additional Collect Templates for the Aquatic Sciences Team (BIT) template - assisting Earthsoft with upcoming EQuIS User Group Meeting in Calgary, August 28, 2023 - assisting with EQuis data governance as part of the larger data initiatives within the Sustainable Development group.

  • Government of Alberta (2017 - 2020 ) Modelling and Data Analyst

    As the Modelling and Data Analyst, I work and manage irrigation, flow measurement, climate, crop, spatial, land use, and other data on various platforms to be used in irrigation demand modelling using Irrigation Demand Model (IDM3). These includes ESRI ArcGIS, Toad for IBM DB2, SQL Server Management, WISKI and District Data Information Tool (DDIT). I also maintain and enhance databases, integrating database with automated tools, scripts and applications that automates data manipulation, analysis and interpretation in an efficient manner. Some of my recent projects include: 1. Developing an SQL Query Extractor application based in C# that is integrated with SQL Server Management application. This allows the user to extract the SQL statements use so that it can be used with an R script that extracts and visualises the data pertinent to modelling expansion reports. 2. Managing and preparing the re-design of the publication of the 2018 Irrigation Information booklet from CorelDraw to Microsoft Publisher. I utilised R scripts to automate data visualisation so that it follows the Government of Alberta Style Guide. 3. Developing the WISKI Reporting Tool, an application developed in Visual Studio 2017, that allows bi-weekly reporting using R scripts on flow, live storage, reservoir percent full and water levels for 27 reservoirs, 16 diversion channels, and 24 river flow stations within southern Alberta water management operations. For more information on WISKI, please check out

  • The University of Lethbridge (2017 - 2017 ) Research Associate

    As a Research Associate at the Kienzle GIS lab, I am in charge of managing large datasets, setting up data and tool inventory as well as setting up workstations for new lab team members. I am in the process of creating user workflows, manuals and documentation. I am also currently running ACRU model against three climate scenarios for the Oldman Reservoir Watershed. I will be setting up the regional climate model data for the Province of Alberta, for the ACRU model.

  • The University of Lethbridge (2012 - 2016 ) Research Assistant

    As a Research Assistant and a Graduate Research Assistant at Dr. Stefan Kienzle GIS Lab: - Diagnose and debug technical errors involving Fortran, Python and VBA scripts - Develop new Fortran95 scripts and improve existing Fortran77 scripts to assist during model calibration and validation including data pre-processing and analysis for the ACRU model - Develop standalone tools to automate external procedures for the ACRU model using Fortran and VBA scripts - Develop standalone programs for GIS data analysis and data pre-processing using Python development using ArcPy - Perform GIS spatial analysis using standalone Python tools or using ArcGIS desktop environment - Develop working knowledge of relational and spatial databases using ArcGIS desktop environment - Implement software configuration, installation, testing and large data transfer using ACRU model and ArcGIS desktop environment - Delineate hydrological response units for watershed modelling using standalone Python tools - Manage and organize large datasets using Python, Fortran and VBA scripts - Collaborate the development of database and creation of downscaled regional climate model data using various model standalone tools - Develop macros to assist with data pre-processing and analysis of model output using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013

  • The University of Lethbridge (2013 - 2015 ) Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Responsible for teaching specific courses for the Department of Geography: - Geography 4740: Advanced Geographical Information Science - Geography 3210: Quantitative Models for Economic Geography - Geography 4700: Advanced Computer Mapping Detailed descriptions included: - Prepared and taught 3-hour scheduled laboratory work and evaluated student work for senior geography course: “Geography 4740: Advanced Geographical Information Systems” - Created homework, prepared and taught 3-hour laboratory scheduled laboratory work and evaluated student work for junior geography course: “Geography 3235: Quantitative Models for Geographic Analysis” - Created a class website, prepared and taught 3-hour scheduled tutorials and laboratory work and evaluated HTML, Javascript and APIs homework for a senior geography course: “Geography 4700: Advanced Computer Systems”

  • The University of Lethbridge ( - 2013 ) Research Assistant | Dr. Hester Jiskoot Lab

    Extraction of sea ice data from \Het JOURNAAL en DAGHREGISTER Van DIRK JACOBSZ. TAYSES Avontuurelyke Reyse na GROENLANDT, Gedaan met het Schip den DAM in’t Jaar 1710.\(Translated by Dr. Hester Jiskoot: The journal and logbook of DIRK JACOBSZ. TAYSES adventurous trip to Greenland with the Ship den DAM in 1710.)

  • The University of Lethbridge (2010 - 2013 ) Computer Lab Proctor/Testing Centre Invigilator

    As a Computer Lab Proctor and Testing Centre Invigilator, my responsibilities included the following: - Performed administrative duties as well as customer service - Monitored and invigilated WebCT/Moodle examinations for students - Assisted faculty and students with computer-related inquiries in the computer lab - Facilitated the creation of ID card for new and existing community members of the University - Maintained a positive and professional environment - Provided equipment maintenance and equipment booking system - Ensured the security of the computer labs

  • MacDonald Hydrology Consultants Ltd. (2017 - 2017 ) Modeller and GIS Analyst

    As the Modeller/GIS Analyst for MacHydro Consulting Ltd, I\'ve worked on revising existing R scripts for processing and analysing climate and streamflow data; creating new R scripts to pre-process files and create multitude of plots (bar, line scatter) for data analysis and reporting; setting up RAVEN hydrological model for a small watershed; setting up OSTRICH automatic calibration after manually calibrating model; as well as setting up historical and future climate scenarios after model validation is completed; creating water quality analysis R scripts; analyzing the difference between ALCES land-use scenarios using R script; creating spatial data and layers for Web GIS.

  • Statistics Canada (2015 - 2017 ) Statistical Assistant

    As a Statistical Assistant, I am the Statistics Canada employee on site at the University of Lethbridge Branch Research Data Centre (RDC). Under the supervision of an RDC analyst located in Calgary, I am responsible for ensuring the security of data access in the centre is in accordance with Statistics Canada policies and procedures for conducting research in an RDC. My responsibilities include, but is not limited to: - Monitoring the effectiveness of and maintaining the integrity of the security systems in the RDC branch site at all times while on duty. - Performing administrative duties such as contract preparation, logging researcher activities, corresponding with researchers, ordering supplies, upgrading software and renewing licenses, and other related duties under the supervision of an RDC analyst. - Providing basic assistance to researchers on the use of the computer network, statistical software and Statistics Canada policies and procedures for conducting research in an RDC. - Conducting other tasks as assigned.

  • Signet (2015 - 2017 ) Jewelry Consultant

    As a casual and part-time Jewellery Consultant, I sold $60,000 worth of luxurious engagement rings and weddings sets to colour gemstones and watches. I was responsible for identifying and fulfilling our guest\'s needs, as well as maximizing personal and store performance. I had a consistent work ethic and was willing to learn. I learned from the best by undergoing a comprehensive new employee training program that teaches all the facets of selling fine jewelry. From making successful sales presentations, learning about features and benefits of various types of merchandise, to building lifetime relationships with guests, I am results-oriented, have strong communication skills and excellent customer service skills. Most importantly, I was able to multi-task and work in a team-friendly environment.

  • University of Lethbridge School of Graduate Studies (2013 - 2016 ) Graduate Student

    I successfully defended my thesis in fulfillment of my Master of Science program in Geography at the University of Lethbridge. My research interest include watershed modelling, mapping, creation and automation of GIS analysis tools, and spatial data fusion using databases and mapping APIs. My research topic is in the estimation of water availability under climate change in the Oldman Dam Watershed using the Agricultural Catchments Research Unit (ACRU) model. I am interested in improving the ACRU model through large data management using a database. I hope to complete the automation of the various external procedures using a combination of a variety of programming and scripting languages such as VBA, Python, and Fortran. In addition to research work, I\'ve had the opportunity of teaching three courses with the Department of Geography: 1) Advanced Geographical Information Science, 2) Quantitative Models in Economic Geography and 3) Advanced Computer Mapping.

  • Elections Alberta ( - 2015 ) Registration Officer

    As the Registration Officer (RGO), I served as an election officer on Polling Day. My responsibilities included: - Assisting electors in completing declarations; - Determining electors’ polling subdivisions, if necessary; - Directing electors to the appropriate polls; - Assisting the SDRO and DROs in the performance of their duties; and - Removing material from the polling place (including voting screens, posters, signs) while the unofficial count is conducted.

  • Calgary Airport Authority (2008 - 2010 ) IT&T Helpdesk Personnel

    As the IT&T Helpedesk Personnel, I reported to the Manager, Network Operations and/or the Director, IT&T. I worked in a fast paced environment with a dynamic team and provided front line Helpdesk assistance to our internal and external customers. I was responsible for conducting the following activities and operation of the Authority’s Helpdesk: - Maintained quality customer service calls to over 190 Calgary Airport Authority employees, in a busy and challenging environment in a professional manner while educating user, coordinating multitude of calls, logging calls and juggling multiple demands. - Acquired technical knowledge of networked computers, MS SharePoint, Novell, NT, Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003/2007, Adobe, Corel, and other software packages is essential to troubleshoot desktop computer hardware and software problems. - Obtained more knowledge of LANs, WANS, communication cabling and infrastructure terminology, phone switches, systems analysis methodologies and corporate applications - Obtained better knowledge and experience with e-mail, phone, radio, and work order systems in order to communicate with customers - Dispatched resolve, record and close Helpdesk work order requests - Created and maintained accurate, complete, and organized data entry, user documentations, and departmental records - Determined printing problem and resolution, software installation, configuration and testing - Assisted in formal hardware/software instruction to internal and external users - Liaised with various vendors regarding problem/resolution issues - On-site troubleshoot of various IT, desktop computer hardware and software issues

  • World Financial Group (WFG) (2008 - 2010 ) Trainee