Aarush Gupta

System Engineer / Cyber Security Engineer

Sector: IT Services and IT Consulting

Member Since, July 6, 2023

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About Me

I have over four years of work experience in system engineering, cybersecurity, and software development, with a master’s degree in information security policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University. My core competencies include security incident response, security assessment, code audit, security automation, and machine learning. I am passionate about protecting data and systems from cyber threats, and enhancing the security posture of organizations. I currently work as a system engineer / cyber security engineer at ClinChoice, a leading provider of clinical trial solutions and services.

At ClinChoice, I am responsible for identifying and implementing security measures to improve the incident response process, and coordinating with different teams to respond to security incidents. I also perform security assessments and code audits on various applications and systems, and develop technical solutions to mitigate security vulnerabilities. Additionally, I research new attack vectors and develop threat models, and automate security improvements using Python and other tools. I leverage my skills in cybersecurity, Python, SQL, API security, container security, AWS cloud security, and security compliance standards to deliver high-quality and secure solutions for ClinChoice and its clients.



  • Master of Science in Information Security Policy & Management (MSISPM), Business Administration and Cybersecurity (2020 - 2022) Carnegie Mellon University

    While other programs emphasize an engineering approach to information security and assurance, Heinz College blends technical skills with a breadth of coursework in policy, strategy, and management. This approach enables the assembly of diverse cohorts of students who can apply their unique strengths to cyber challenges

  • Masters of Business Administration, MBA with focus in Data Analytics and Operations (2019 - 2020) UOP

    Grade: 4.0 Provide an understanding of the key sociological, psychological and organizational concepts and theories necessary for effective leadership and management • Cover the knowledge and skills needed to plan, structure, manage, and monitor organizations • Introduce methods for improving productivity, responsiveness, quality and customer/client satisfaction• Provide in-depth knowledge of operational areas and their functions, processes and interrelationships • Develop cross-cultural awareness and an understanding of the globality of today’s economy • Foster an ability to act creatively and be a driver for change • Instill an appreciation for the importance of legal and ethical behavior on the part of the organization and its members • Nurture student potential and promotes increased self-awareness and growth • Support the development of networks among peers from around the globe

  • Engineer\'s Degree, Computer Engineering (2014 - 2018) Penn State University

    Activities and societies: President of Math Club CTO of Student Government The mission of the faculty of the undergraduate computer engineering program at Penn State is to provide students with the knowledge and experience needed to pursue a productive lifelong career in industry or to engage in further study at the graduate level. Students participate in a balanced program of instruction covering the basic principles of the design and application of computer systems. The program includes coverage in breadth and depth of basic science, engineering, and abstract concepts of information handling. Students specialize in and are prepared for careers in the design, analysis and use of hardware, software and systems. The program is structured to ensure that graduates have a clear understanding of the design and the applications of computers, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge throughout their professional careers.

  • Business, Entrepreneurs, Innovation (2014 - 2017) Penn State University

    Tools and knowledge on start-up and new businesses with a focus on technology. Also, helps builds leadership and management skills.

Work & Experience

  • ClinChoice (2022 - Present ) System Engineer / Cyber Security Engineer

    Developed and implemented a customized dashboard with code to achieve vulnerability management, allowing for efficient identification and mitigation of security risks. Researched and implemented various system tools to enhance infrastructure security and performance, ensuring the organization\'s systems are robust and resilient. Administered Active Directory, ensuring effective user management, access control, and maintaining a secure directory structure. Managed Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) systems, improving system security and enabling secure remote access for authorized users. Undertook Linux and Windows system administration tasks, proactively addressing technical issues and ensuring smooth system operations. Developed innovative technical solutions to overcome complex system challenges, optimizing risk management and ensuring compliance. Leveraged PowerShell scripting to automate security processes, reducing manual effort, and improving efficiency in risk mitigation and compliance measures.

  • Verisk (2021 - 2022 ) Enterprise Risk Manager

    Implemented proactive measures to monitor security access, analyzing user activity logs to detect and address potential security threats. Conducted security assessments through vulnerability testing and risk analysis, identifying and evaluating potential threats to the organization\'s systems. Performed comprehensive internal and external security audits to assess system integrity, adherence to compliance standards, and identify areas for improvement. Meticulously analyzed security breaches to determine the root cause, mitigating risks, and implementing measures to prevent future incidents. Maintained and updated the company\'s incident response and disaster recovery plans, ensuring their effectiveness and alignment with evolving security landscape. Conducted thorough assessments of third-party vendors to verify their security measures and collaborated with them to meet security requirements and standards. Docker migrations and deployments

  • FedEx (2020 - 2021 ) Full Stack Engineer / System Administrator

    Automated system deployment tasks using Python and Bash scripting, streamlining the process and improving efficiency Monitored systems for software errors and anomalies during deployment, ensuring smooth and error-free implementation. Developed automation tasks written in Python and Bash to enhance operational workflows and eliminate manual processes Contributed to cloud development projects in AWS and Azure, leveraging cloud technologies to build scalable and secure infrastructure.

  • Carnegie Mellon University (2019 - 2020 ) System Software Engineer

    Automated system deployment tasks using Python and Bash scripting, resulting in streamlined processes and improved operational efficiency. Monitored systems diligently during deployment to identify and address software errors and anomalies, ensuring smooth and error-free implementation. Developed automation tasks in Python and Bash to enhance operational workflows, reducing manual processes and improving efficiency. Contributed to cloud development projects in AWS and Azure, harnessing the power of cloud technologies to build scalable and secure infrastructure. Wrote analytics dashboards to show research for students Wrote a Flask and Python analytics in house tool

  • IBM Security - by Megaplus (2018 - 2019 ) Enterprise Security Compliance Engineer

    Developed automation scripts to verify compliance with systems. Designed a dashboard to auto-populate with security metrics relating to endpoint device state. Collaborated with team members to compile high risk infrastructure assessment reports to display security posture.

  • FedEx (2017 - 2018 ) Programmer

    •Supports and plans work on small projects with direction from management. •Assists management and other department personnel to support larger projects (e.g., managing project schedule and status reporting). •Works with various departments and/or vendors to gather information needed for various projects. •Presents project results to management and/or department personnel. •Performs analytical work within the assigned functional area. •Conducts research using the internet and other sources of information. •Creates or updates systems or databases for specific department needs.