Suleiman Hassan

Software Engineer

Phone: 96171789022

Sector: Computer Software

Member Since, December 16, 2022

Open To Work

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  • Computer Science (2017 - 2020) American University of Beirut (AUB)

Work & Experience

  • App4Legal (2020 - Present ) Software/Platform Engineer, Full Time

    Constructed a release management system that automated the build and deployments of the company’s solutions and made the process 5 times faster. Containerized the company’s solution using Docker and deployed it to Kubernetes using Helm. Transformed the company’s multitenant cloud environment into a single code base structure, which helped reduce deployments time from 2~3 days to 2~3 mins, and sped up the SDLC increasing deployments frequency. Put in place a set of guidelines for the developers to work with the single code base structure. Inspired by the Canary deployment, came up with an efficient strategy for upgrading clients allowing them to be fully operational during the process with almost no downtime. Planned and composed new pre-release steps and versioning strategy for the enhanced upgrade process. Migrated Enterprise Clients and the company’s cloud infrastructure and data from Linode to Microsoft Azure utilizing Virtual Machines, Front Door, Azure Database for MySQL. Eliminated manual work and human error by 80% on different levels. Managed and configured the company’s Linux servers with dependencies, software stacks, and security measures to run solutions securely and smoothly. Configured and applied SSL and Code Signing certificates to the company’s Linux servers and applications. Created and managed processes, cronjobs, and automated scripts across servers that ensured the successful functioning of the company’s systems. Collaborated with different departments in the company and played a major role in helping its solution make it to the Reynen Court marketplace.

  • App4legal (2019 - 2020 ) Software Engineer, Part Time

    Using Apache Solr search engine, developed a feature in App4legal to give users the ability to search documents by their content, making them more accessible and instantly reached. Prepared a Linux server to enable the Over-the-Air (OTA) auto-update feature in the App4Legal Document Editor that made users receive the latest release of the application effortlessly. Developed the App4Legal Document Editor, an API-based desktop (windows/mac) application to help users edit their documents more efficiently and effectively.

Honors & awards

  • 2017 Full Scholarship to The American University of Beirut

  • 2020 Murex Best Collaborative Development Project Award

    Murex Best Collaborative Development Project Award is given to the final year project groups of students who collaborated into doing a successful exceptional project.