Maimba Simpungwe

Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic. Maintenance

Phone: 2600965630657

Sector: Mining & Metals

Member Since, July 18, 2023

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About Me

Industrious and reliable Heavy Diesel Mechanic, having good work ethics with a proven track record of working collaboratively and paying close attention to minor details of given tasks of which I qualify to be a detailed – oriented person. I’m looking forward to work somewhere new where my skills, qualities and experiences will be put to a good use.
I have worked and gained experience on different brands of Machinery such as
(1)John Deere American brand Construction equipments
(2)American brand Caterpillar – OHT, Dozer, loaders and Graders.
(3)Japanese brand Komat’su- OHT, Dozer, loaders and excavators
(4) Hitachi Japanese brand – OHT and excavators
(5)Swedish brand Volvo- Adt’s, loaders and excavators
(5) Germans brandLiebherr- Dozers like 764 with no transmission box



  • Basic Rigging Certificate (2021 - 2021) Copperbelt Technical Skills Training Institute

  • Technician for African Certificate of Completion, Global Dealer Learning (2021 - 2021) Caterpillar University

  • Advanced Certificate in Heavy Duty Repairs, Heavy Equipment Maintenance Technology/ Technician , Heavy Equipment Repair (2011 - 2013) Northern Technical College

    Grade: Advanced Certificate

Work & Experience

  • First Quantum Minerals (2019 - Present ) Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic

    My responsibility is to attend to field breakdowns on the following equipment CATERPILLAR RIGID DUMP TRUCKS 785C, 777D, 777E and 777F Water trucks DOZERS – D375A, D475A, D9R and D10R ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCKS Volvo A40G and A40F water trucks and fuel Bowsers and finding lasting solutions to the following engine problems such as -diesel engine loss of power -engine or exhaust brake failure -engine fuel starvation -diesel engine low boost pressure -engine boost or intake air high temperature -engine low oil pressure and high temperatures -engine radiator fan overspeed -engine pressurized cooling system -engine overcooling and overheating heat transfer fluid -engine crankcase pressure -To make sure water trucks moulted spray systems is working up to standard if not adjusting hydraulic pressure, changing of electric switches and replacement of defective hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and stalker pumps same applies to fuel bowsers. It\’s only that fuel Browsers uses vane fuel pumps in place of stalker pumps -Problems of spring force activated piston applied and hydraulic pressure released park brake not releasing and holding on it\’s own -Hydraulic oil pressure applied and retract spring action(pulled) piston released service brake problems of not holding on Cat trucks 785C,777D,777E and 777F -Replacing defective relays valves,air flow control valves,compressors,governors, scavenge pumps,brake chambers and slack adjusters -On Volvo ADT\’s-air pressure released and spring applied park brake problems and hydraulic pressure applied and retract spring action(pulled) piston released service brake problems -Replacing defective compressors, solenoids valves,brake calipers,brake pads and brake boosters -Problems caused by defective heat exchangers of mixing heat transfer fluid with intake air and oils such as engine oil, transmission and hydraulic oil respectively -Blue, black and white engine exhaust color problems -Replacing defective intake air and oil coolers

  • Kascco mining Ltd. Kalumbila Sentinel Mine (2017 - 2020 ) Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic

    Responded quickly to equipment breakdowns such as diesel motor problems -engine overheating -engine fuel starvation -diesel engines loss of power – engine boost or intake air high temperatures -engine brake failure -engine sensors malfunction -worn and brocken engine component parts – Blue, black and white engine exhaust color problems -Replacing defective aftercooler heat exchangers affecting combustion on Cat trucks 785C,777D and 777E -Replacing V8 and V12 cracked separate cylinder heads, worn sleeves, gaskets, oil and water seals to avoid engine hydrolock -Replacing defective engine, hydraulic and transmission oil coolers -Testing and adjusting air brake system -Major component change out such as engines, torque converters, transmission, differential and final drives following the correct standard procedure -Stripping and replacing worn brake discs and spacer plates for wet brake disc assembly -Stripping and replacing worn final drives dual cone seals to prevent brake cooling oil bypass into diff oil -Replacing defective torque converters, lockup clutches and solenoids -Replacing worn gear hoist pumps, scavenge gear type brake pumps and transmission gear type pumps -Reseal steering cylinders, hoist cylinders and hydro- pneumatic cylinders -Oil and Nitrogen charging of hydro- pneumatic cylinders -Replacing worn diff flange seals to prevent diff oil leaks -Promblems concerning -Drivetrain components failure -Hydraulic steering system failure -Upshift and downshift transmission failure -Braking system failure both wet and dry systems. -Hydraulic hoist system failure -Hydro- pneumatic cylinder failure. -Hydraulic system failure

  • Kalesa Logistics Ltd. Hydman Lime Plant (2014 - 2015 ) Heavy Duty Mechanic

    Repaired Bomag, Bell, Caterpillar and Volvo Road construction machinery

  • Zambia National Service (2011 - 2011 ) Heavy Equipment Mechanic

    Contributed to Zambia National Service during Lt gen Atony Yeta as ZNS commandant. ZNS is one of the Zambian defence forces in the ministry of Defence. During my internship with directive from Cpt Chitambo and second Lt Maambo worked on the following green color coded heavy equipments such as Shantui D7 Dozers Shantui SG27- C5 motor graders Shantui excavators ES 220 Shantui SR12- 5 compactors and Steyr 6×4 tipper trucks. -fault component change out such as drive lines, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, steering cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, transmission, torque converters, differential and final drives e.t.c -Carried out scheduled services as per standard service hours. Also worked on Jeep Cherokee (XJ) light vehicles – Bleeding of both front and rear brakes. – Changed both brake calipers and brake pads – Changed leaf springs and shock absorbers for the suspension system -Changed engine radiators. – Changed worn thrust bearings. – Changed brocken wheel hub bearings for both front and rear wheels – Replaced fault pressure plates, clutch plate discs and worn flywheel ring gears – Replaced brocken universal joints, drive lines and differential -Replaced defective axle shafts The following are my identies as a citizen of the Republic of Zambia. Heavy Duty Mechanic by professional with certificate number 00350051662016AD0073315, who knows that the President is the head of all Armed forces with duties to enhance security and promote piece and unit in the country