Dr. Tim Scheid DBA MBA

COO, VP, Logistics & Supply Chain | Inventory Management | International Business

Sector: Investment Management

Member Since, January 11, 2023

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About Me

Senior logistics & Supply Chain Executive leveraging more than 20 years of inventory management experience to proficiently develop and implement cost saving strategies, identify and eliminate inefficient areas of production, and drive bottom-line revenue growth through the introduction and utilization of Lean principles. Detail-oriented leader with a proven track record of analyzing business data to implement advanced process enhancements that streamline material acquisition procedures, bolster product quality, and augment overall facility operations. Dynamic change agent adept at enhancing employee relations to successfully reduce turnover rates and safeguard the continuation of optimal workplace operations.

Areas of Expertise:
Logistics & Supply Chain
International Business
Compliance Standards
Key Performance Indicators
Executive Leadership
Material Acquisition
Project Management
Key Stakeholder Relations
Program Implementation
Strategic Planning
Business Communications
Process Enhancements


  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Leadership Studies (2009 - 2014) Baker College

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Human Resource Management (2006 - 2009) Baker College

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Business | Minor in Marketing (2003 - 2006) Baker College

Work & Experience

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (2013 - Present ) Chief Supply Chain Officer

    • Spearheaded the rehabilitation of the organization, leveraging advanced team management expertise to develop long lasting relations with employees, reduce turnover rates, and implement team cohesion strategies. • Designed and introduced new inventory management tactics, designing a new recordkeeping system that recovered over $10M in lost and stolen equipment within the first 12 months of implementation. • Utilized Six Sigma methodologies to dramatically enhance production by 75%, consistently reviewing and analyzing operation processes and data to ensure the timely correction of inefficient procedures. • Partnered with end-users to identify and obtain new necessary equipment, coordinating with stakeholders to proficiently redevelop the Detroit facility to create a more secure and welcoming environment for clientele. • Functioned as a lead member of the Improvement Committee, utilizing industry experience to expertly design, plan, and implement process enhancements that streamlined overall facility productivity.

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (2013 - Present ) Supervisor, Inventory Management Specialist

    • Oversaw and managed over $7M in government contracts, leveraging financial acumen to ensure the maintenance of program budgets by effectively identifying and eliminating unnecessary areas of production. • Championed the management of the Veteran Affairs inventory, completing key tasks such conducting audits, directing strategic initiatives, and overseeing quality assurance to ensure the upkeep of optimal production. • Supervised critical facets of organization logistics, directing processes involved with key areas of operations like requirements determination, acquisition, material and quality management, and continuous improvement. • Successfully saved over $2M within a year of operations, introducing new cost savings strategies that streamlined overall business processes and drove year over year (YOY) revenue

  • Fundacin Universitaria Konrad Lorenz (2017 - Present ) Adjunct Professor

    Instructed remote international business and supply chain courses, independently developing course objectives, syllabuses, curriculums, and course outlines to assist students with achieving academic goals. • Provided critical recommendations to classes through end-of-semester projects, utilizing industry expertise to deliver comprehensive feedback to students to assist with them with developing class “products”.

  • United States Army Sustainment Command (2008 - 2013 ) Senior Inventory Management Specialist | Contracting Officer

    • Managed the readiness of over $600M of government equipment and supplies, creating and implementing a new systematic tracking system to successfully achieve a perfect track record with product delivery. • Spearheaded the design and introduction of process enhancements, eliminating unnecessary production procedures to streamline overall workplace operations and secure over $5M in cost savings within a year. • Supervised the strategic management of over $15M in government contracts, proficiently reviewing solicitations and procurements to accordingly update and modify agreement standards. • Facilitated in-depth predictive analysis methodologies, conducting data mining procedures to obtain necessary information that assisted in the development and utilization of production forecasts. Logistics Management Specialist | Supply Chain Manager – Rock Island, IL • Directed the successful coordination and integration of critical operations within the logistics and information technology (IT) departments, collaborating with various team leads to ensure the upkeep of optimal workflows. • Identified and implemented new acquisition and logistics support strategies and initiatives, achieving over $3M in annual cost savings by eliminating infrastructure bottlenecks and redundant processes. • Conducted comprehensive facility audits, leveraging management skills to ensure the achievement of production standards while guaranteeing the maintenance of overall plant policy and safety regulations. • Oversaw the information technology (IT) operations of the Distribution Management Center (DMC), skillfully troubleshooting technical errors to ensure the completion of current and projected operational requirements.