Dominick Schettini

Manufacturing & Process Engineer

Sector: Mining & Metals

Member Since, July 18, 2023

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About Me

I am a highly motivated manufacturing process engineer at Norsk Hydro ASA with a strong passion for lean six sigma techniques, design, and product innovation. I am dedicated to developing and implementing process improvements to increase productivity, reduce waste, and improve product quality throughout my organization. As a process engineer, I am responsible for identifying, designing, and implementing process improvements, and I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest manufacturing technologies. I am always seeking to learn and implement new methodologies to enhance manufacturing processes, and I am excited to continue pushing myself within my role at Norsk Hydro ASA

Core Competencies:
Mechanical Engineering | Solidworks | AutoCAD | Excel | Process Improvement | Data Analysis |


  • Bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering (2016 - 2021) University of South Carolina

  • Study Abroad, Mechanical Engineering (2018 - 2018) University of Newcastle

    Grade: Junior Activities and societies: University of Newcastle Exchange Student network University of Newcastle Surf TeamActivities and societies: University of Newcastle Exchange Student network University of Newcastle Surf Team I spent one semester or 5 months continuing my mechanical engineering education at the University of Newcastle through a study abroad exchange program. There I took Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids, Differential Equations, and other extracurricular courses from professors all around the world. I spent much of my free time spear fishing, competing in local surf competitions, hiking, and immersing myself in the culture. I was also fortunate enough to take weeklong trips to both Indonesia and New Zealand.

Work & Experience

  • Norsk Hydro (2022 - Present ) Manufacturing Engineer

  • Bosch (2020 - 2021 ) Manufacture Engineering Co-op

    Extracted, compiled, and scrubbed data from manufacturing machine database, Keb-Mali, to then determine the OEE of different machine components and decide which would most improve the machines KPI\'s. Analyzed data using Excel pivot tables and pareto analysis to determine greatest value added opportunities. Planned and designed modifications to the process flow and machine to decrease operator influenced downtime. Determined capability of gages within production labs through a series of Type I & II Gage R&R studies and generated Data Acquisition Reports satisfactory to ISO 17025 requirements. Notable Achievement: - 3D drafted, planned, proposed, and purchased a parts list and design drawing for an audible alarm system at the manufacturing line. Programmed an Arduino microcontroller to detect when the manufacturing line had three, two, or one part tray quantities left using proximity IR sensors and sound different alarms accordingly to prevent operator error and reduce downtime.

  • Fluor Corporation (2020 - 2021 ) Senior Design Project

    Met with fellow team members daily and Fluor Corporation engineers weekly to design, plan, build, and fully automate a modular clean-in-place skid system for pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment applications. Drafted a 2D P&ID design to represent the cycling flow of caustic cleaning solution from two reservoir tanks through pumps, piping, and a heat exchanger with water level, pressure, temperature, and flow meter sensors. Collaborated with team members on the calculated sizing, material, and model of each component within the system using heat transfer rate, area, and coefficient equations for the HE as well as head, volumetric flow rate equations and pump curve charts to size the pumps. I then created a 3D drawing of the final prototype build assembly to propose to Fluor Corporation engineers. My team and I ordered parts and began the build assembly along with writing a program for the arduino microcontroller to complete several cycles of the cleaning solution while compiling data to the arduino interface. Presented the final project to the University of South Carolina college of engineering academia and Fluor Corporation.

  • Scout Boats (2019 - 2019 ) Mechanical Engineering Intern: Process Improver

    Tasked with learning the boat manufacturing process from start to finish to identify the greatest lean six sigma manufacturing process improvement opportunity. Identified time lost in fiberglass boat sub-parts molding, cutting, and finishing process steps. Timed and estimated the dollar cost value of time lost due to operators making repeated and damaged parts as a result of insufficient 5S practices. Designed a part ID system while dimensioning each fiberglass sub-part for Scout Boats luxury sport fisher model boats line. Designed, planned, and proposed the construction of a Toyota Production System inspired supermarket using Solidworks. Supported the construction contractor in the build assembly of the supermarket system. Introduced the Just-In-Time methodology so that the individual molders, cutters, and finisher employees always knew which missing parts were needed as they were needed in the correct quantity while improving fiberglass part quality by the time the part reached the finishing process step. Notable Achievements: Designed a Toyota production system inspired supermarkets eliminating an estimated $10,000 of workload per week.

  • CONSTANTINE ENGINEERING ASSOCIATES, LLC (2018 - 2018 ) Mechanical Engineering Intern: CAD technician & job captain

    Designed drawings and sized equipment for HVAC, plumbing, and lighting systems in commercial buildings around the requirements of customers, South Carolina building codes, and learnings from in-person site visits using AutoCAD and Revit. Updated drawings throughout the construction planning process to conform to building drawing revisions. Created revisions to existing drawings based on the feedback from CEA’s own licensed professional engineers. Conducted site visits to fire damaged buildings to assess pre-existing HVAC, plumbing, and lighting systems, analyzed the current state damages of the systems to design solutions that addressed the damage and ensured safety requirements were met. Worked independently in a team environment to meet deadlines and be prepared to discuss progress and provide input on technical issues during daily team meetings.