Anton Vdovenko

Data Scientist

Phone: 6593761421

Sector: IT Services and IT Consulting

Member Since, August 18, 2023

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About Me

As an experienced Data Scientist, I have a strong background in developing solutions for a variety of data-related problems. My expertise spans across various domains, including Computer Vision, Tabular Data, and NLP.

Over the years, I have undertaken several projects that involved working with large datasets and developing algorithms to extract insights from them. In the area of Computer Vision, I have worked on projects related to image classification, object detection, tracking, and pixel segmentation. Similarly, in the field of NLP, I have developed solutions for tasks such as sentiment analysis, text classification, and language modeling. I also have experience in working with tabular data and have developed predictive models for classification and regression.

Apart from my expertise in developing models, I also have experience in deploying them. I understand the importance of delivering a solution that not only works accurately but is also easily deployable in a real-world scenario. I have worked on developing scalable architectures for model deployment and have experience with tools such as Docker, MLflow, DVC, and Airflow.

Overall, I am a highly skilled Data Scientist with a proven track record of delivering successful projects across multiple domains. I am always eager to take on new challenges and work with new technologies to develop innovative solutions.



  • Master's degree, Master of Information Technology in Business ( - 2021) Singapore Management University

  • Master of Science - MS, Wealth Management (2018 - 2019) Singapore Management University

  • Study Mission, Alternative Investments, Factor Investment, Volatility Factoring, Behavioural Finance. (2019 - 2019) Yale School of Management

  • Study Mission, Wealth Planing, Cross Banking Solutions, Family Offices (2019 - 2019) University of St. Gallen

    The Study Mission provides a comprehensive overview of the Swiss wealth management industry and its clients.

  • Bachelor's degree, Marketing, Finance (2008 - 2016) Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg State University

Work & Experience

  • UCARE.AI (2022 - Present ) Data Scientist

  • AITIS (AITI Solutions) (2021 - 2022 ) Data Scientist

    • Wound Data Management: Developed quality metrics for data, wrote utility scripts and pipelines for monitoring data quality, and enforced data quality standards. • Wound Classification Project: Used Densenet architecture and mixup augmentation to achieve 94% accuracy on the test set. • Wound Pixel Semantic Segmentation Project: Used Unet architecture and albumentation trasnformations library for augmentations to achieve 89% mIoU on test set. • Wound AI Explainability Project: Implemented a GradCam and Lime frameworks to explain network predictions. • Traffic Control Project: Implemented YOLO + DeepSort for traffic tracking and logging

  • Hendricks Corp (2020 - 2020 ) Machine Learning Engineer Intern

    • Software Project - Anomaly Detection Tool: Developed tool for anomaly detection which helped to raise awareness of the arising issues in a timely manner reducing reacting time and increasing client satisfaction with services. • Object Detection - YOLO: Trained, tuned and monitored object detection models using YOLO framework. • Database Management - MongoDB: Deployed and managed NoSQL database MongoDB for various work projects.

  • Columbia Threadneedle Investments EMEA APAC (2018 - 2018 ) Intern

    • Conducted analyses of numerous mutual funds for wholesales department. • Promoted investments proposals for corporate clients. • Evaluated portfolio risks of mutual funds.

  • NAUTA (2016 - 2017 ) Head of the Investment Department

    • Conveyed analysis on the Russian equity market • Developed and implemented trading and investment strategies • Achieved overall returns on investments of approximately 30%

  • GCAPITAL (2016 - 2016 ) Analyst

    • Promoted investment proposals from Russian corporate clients to foreign investors • Created financial models and evaluated portfolio risks of investment proposals • Supervised financial statement analysis of Russian corporates for foreign investors

  • EnergoProject – Engineering (2013 - 2014 ) Financial Management Specialist

    • Optimized business processes by reducing labor cost by 40% • Conducted a cost analysis of tender projects