Alexander Kwakye

Dry Etch Process Engineer

Sector: Semiconductors

Member Since, August 16, 2023

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About Me

Process engineer with 4 years of experience in semiconductor industry. Highest education is Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Extensive experience in high volume manufacturing semiconductor process and research/development lab seeking full-time position in semiconductor fabrication research, biotechnology, defense, or consulting field in relation to micro and nanofabrication. Strong analytical and communication skills. Willing to travel or relocate.


  • Master of Science (M.S.), Mechanical Engineering (2016 - 2018) Carnegie Mellon University

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Mechanical Engineering (2014 - 2016) Washington University in St. Louis

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Engineering Physics (2011 - 2015) Randolph College

    • Minor in Mathematics

Work & Experience

  • Intel Corporation (2018 - Present ) Manufacturing Process Engineer

    ● Maintained dry-etch tools with tool knowledge and daily sustaining experience with Tokyo Electronics Limited Tactras platform ● Collaborated with interdisciplinary departments such as Defect-Metrology and Integration to maintain defects and parametric to achieve fab matching through factory quality indicators matching through factory quality indicators ● Managed simultaneous defect task forces utilizing model-based problem-solving with data analytics ● Compiled and presented whitepapers for qualifying process fungibility, limit updating and parts improvement projects ● Troubleshooted various technical tool issues using fault detection and statistical process control programs such as Applied Materials E3 and SPC platforms

  • Carnegie Mellon University (2017 - 2018 ) Graduate Facilities Assistant-Nanofabrication Facility

    • Strategizing various thin film depositions from PVD techniques including DC/RF sputtering and thermal evaporation on various equipment to develop a process line of recipes for extended cleanroom users • Characterizing mechanical and electrical properties such as deposition rate, film stress, and electrical resistivity of processed samples for database recording

  • Carnegie Mellon University (2016 - 2018 ) Master Research Project: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Nanofabrication Techniques on DNA Origami

    • Designing and fabricating PDMS microfluidics devices through soft lithography to investigate interfacial interactions between DNA origami nanostructures and soft functionalizing substrates for preliminary nanodevices • Analyzing and validating the integrity of DNA nanostructures using Andor Revolution XD Spinning Disk Microscope for fluorescence imaging

  • Washington University in St. Louis (2016 - 2016 ) Enhancement in the UV Response of Zinc Oxide Tetrapods using RF Sputtered Zinc Oxide Thin Films

    • Fabricated UV-sensitive tetrapod sensors through S1805 photolithography, BCl3 and Cl2 reactive ion etching, sputtering Al and ZnO thin films through RF PVD • Evaluated IV curves based on 375 nm wavelength by characterization and statistical comparison on Signatone S-1008 to determine sensor performance such as signal enhancement and average current • Collaborated with a team of colleagues to present project findings in presentation and written documentation

  • Washington University in St. Louis (2015 - 2015 ) Automated Petri Dish Pourer

    • Designed and constructed a final working prototype of an automated petri dish dispenser in the timespan of 15 weeks • Administered and tested the electronic circuit design and synchronization of various electronic sensors using Arduino Uno • Facilitated team responsibilities and challenges throughout the engineering design process to ensure project completion

  • Randolph College (2012 - 2014 ) Registrar Assistant

    • Demonstrated confidentiality with student and facility records protected by federal law in a professional manner (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) • Maintained a level of organization to prevent information loss/mistakes • Increased duties and responsibilities to additional confidential information due to successful handling of prior information

  • Randolph College (2011 - 2014 ) Undergraduate Student Researcher

    • Analyzed and formulated several hundred behavioral datasets received from data drawn from various testing paradigms to draw conclusions on the behavioral features of mother mouse during pup retrieval • Built and validated electronic circuits such as an amplifier gain for calibration of ultrasonic microphone and speakers to improved output signal for mouse testing • Enhanced MATLAB and LabVIEW Fast Fourier Transform segmentation algorithms for executing and recording experiments for additional analysis • Collaborated with various participating research groups to achieve research goals in neurological projects • Presented research progress at various annual college-wide research symposiums and 2012 International Neuroscience Society Symposium to receive feedback and improvement from other academic expertise in rodent neuroscience

  • Randolph College (2011 - 2012 ) Help Desk Assistant

    • Assisted in the diagnosis and troubleshoot on the technology issues on the College campus • Protected clients’ disclosed information while conducting various tasks • Worked with various faculty and students in a diligent manner • Diagnosed and solved the technical issues by conducting various troubleshooting techniques • Troubleshooted on computer-related issues for students and faculty campus-wide