10 Highest Paying PhD’s 2021

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iGlobal Talent has identified the 10 highest paying doctorate degrees. Are you considering a PhD? There are universities around the world looking to speak with exceptional talent for their programs. Join our Global Talent Community.

Completing a PhD may open up doors in terms of career advancement. Plus, it may not take as long as you think to complete if you enroll in the shortest doctoral programs.

The following list contains the highest paying doctorate degrees along with career outlook and job growth statistics.

All career statistics and salary data are provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

10 Highest Paying Doctorate Degrees 2021


  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $206,500
  • Job Growth: 4%

One of the more specialized high paying doctorate programs is in immunology. Immunology is the study of disease prevention and immunity. Due to the specialized nature of the study here, jobs are typically well paid and much more specific.

A person who has studied immunology may be expected to work in research or academia but is also likely to land high-paying roles within the medical industry and at hospitals. The demand for this area of expertise is also rising faster than the average job growth, meaning there should be plenty of opportunities for graduates.

A PhD in immunology is a lot of hard work and is, therefore, suited to someone who already has considerable experience working in the medical industry. Those with an academic background in medicine should consider applying for an immunology program.


  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $128,090
  • Job Growth: 3%

Pharmacology is big business these days, and taking a doctorate in the subject may lead to some lucrative opportunities. It is expected that someone who wants to study pharmacology will have a background in the subject with a master’s degree being heavily preferred.

There are a lot of pre-requisites for getting onto a pharmacology doctorate program, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics is showing salaries going as high as $162,900.


  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $122,850
  • Job Growth: 9%

Of the three main sciences, physics can be the one that is the most fruitful for taking a doctorate. People who take a PhD in physics are likely to land themselves a position as either a researcher or a professor.

There are also several other high paying positions that are possible for someone who takes this career path, including more specialized roles or becoming lead physicists and consultants.

Physics is also one of the job markets that is predicted to see a considerable amount of growth for the next 10 years. Pursuing a physics doctorate can be perfect for someone who already has experience in physics or someone who already has either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the subject combined with some practical experience.

Data Science

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $122,840
  • Job Growth: 15%

Data is quickly becoming the most valuable commodity on the planet, and as such, the demand for data specialists and researchers is growing at an impressive rate.

Data science doctorates offer a gateway into these positions, and they usually come with some pretty high salaries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a data scientist is around $122,840, and with this field ever-expanding, the demand for these positions should continue to increase.

Aerospace Engineering

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $116,500
  • Job Growth: 3%

Aerospace engineering is a field that would likely attract those who already have a background in either science or engineering. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and demand for jobs is expected to increase as the years roll by. So the length it takes to get a PhD should be taken into consideration so you can quickly enter this field during its booming growth.

The doctorate focuses on the engineering of various different types of spacecraft and can be incredibly demanding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary potential for this field is as high as $166,620.

Chemical Engineering

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $108,770
  • Job Growth: 4%

Another engineering-based field that presents doctorate students with some big money career options is chemical engineering. The field combines a number of different disciplines, including all of the sciences, math, and statistics, as well as engineering.

It is a complex doctorate to take, but the rewards may be worth the effort, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing salaries up to $176,090 available in this field.


  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $105,660
  • Job Growth: 5%

Taking a doctorate in management can be a logical step in the career of someone who has a history of working in business, project management, or the economy as well as several other sectors.

Earning this doctorate can open up chief executive roles within companies and roles like chief operations officer and supply chain management. It may also lead to regional and national management roles.


  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $105,030
  • Job Growth: 33%

Math may not be the glamorous subject to study at doctorate level, but it can open up a wide range of potentially lucrative career options.

Math can allow students to work in various sectors of the economy and business, and they may also work in research or as a math lecturer or professor at a top university.


  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $105,020
  • Job Growth: 14%

One of the most popular PhDs to take is in economics. Economics is a social science that studies and theories about the production and consumption of goods and the effect that this has on society and the economy.

Taking a PhD in economics may open up a lot of doors. Working in the financial sector is usually lucrative, and a doctorate in economics can help give you an edge over competitors in what is a notoriously feisty industry. Top earners can make around $185,020 per year.

Economics analysis is a skill that is highly sought after, especially in the medical, legal, and education sectors.

While on the face of it, some people may believe that studying economics leaves you consigned to an office for the majority of your working life, the reality is that it can open up a lot of doors in a lot of different sectors.It may also provide you with a lot of travel opportunities and chances to meet new people.

A doctorate in economics may be perfect for someone who already has some experience in the field or for someone who has studied economics, math, finance, or business to a higher level and wants to take the next step in their academic and professional career.

Business Administration

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $104,690
  • Job Growth: 4%

Getting a doctorate in business administration can open up a lot of doors. Students who end up taking their doctorate in business administration often end up working as leading and chief executives as well as entrepreneurs and financial advisors.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries for someone with a doctorate in this field can be as high as $208,000. It can be ideal for someone who has a background in business or economics who wants to take the next step in their career.

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